mid-year book freakout tag + some posts that i’ve been loving recently 🪄

have i ever talked about how much i love the name of this tag?? because all i basically do in this post is freakout.

hii apparently it’s already july and no one has any freaking idea on where the months actually went and what i have accomplished beside breathing this year. no seriously. i have this album in my photo gallery where i save the memorable pictures of every year and in the end make a short movie or something. when i opened it today and saw the photos from january my mind literally went “shut up- it can’t have been like 6 months since then.”

umm yeah. anyway. i think that’s enough rambling for a while because i think i might have an existential crisis if i keep thinking about that stuff. on to the bookish part of the post~~

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why i say BTS changed my life // musical musings

with releasing their anthology album and celebrating 9 years of their debut, bts is lighting the world on fire. again.

maybe you have that friend who keeps rambling to you about bts and you’re annoyed, maybe you think their music is overrated, or maybe you just don’t like the band- but my love, there’s a reason why so many people say that BTS literally saved their lives, and i can confirm that that isn’t an exaggeration.

this post is just me pouring out my raw feelings onto a laptop screen, because these guys- and this experience- mean so much to me, and they’re so close to my heart sometime it hurts.

being a bts army isn’t a singular experience- everyone starts off differently and has their personal reasons to stan them, and has different journeys. so today i thought of sharing my own.

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HELP i’m starting grade 11th and having a breakdown over it.

no, you did not read the title wrong. i am very much having a breakdown and ranting about it on my blog.

(in my defense, i already warned that i would also post about my high school struggles and it’s your fault for following me if you didn’t want to hear about these kinds of stuff 😛)

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a list of webtoons that i’ve been devouring recently

webtoons are a blessing and that’s all i have to say.

In case you’ve been wanting to start reading them, then consider this a sign to do exactly that, because buddy you’ve been missing out.

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plans for the summer: tbr, watchlist and life goals

So, after 14 months of studying, we have finally been allowed summer vacations… of 16 days. way to go. 😐

anyway, I’m planning to make the most out of these 16 days (14 now) before grade 11th starts. and here’s my elaborate plan which I have a little possibility of following but like to make anyway :))

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